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Dentist In Bakersfield, CA

Our family-oriented team has been a part of Truxtun Family Dentistry for many years. This aspect of employee loyalty allows our patients to depend on and look forward to the care and personality of our wonderful dental team during every visit.
Our establishment caters to a wide range of families, and we begin treatment for children as early as age four.

Our advanced equipment allows us to offer quality dentistry in Bakersfield, California. We look forward to welcoming you into our relaxed, social, and professional dental practice.


Dentistry procedures at Truxtun Family Dentistry have renewed the functionality of our patients’ teeth without invasive or extreme action. We aim to make every visit comfortable and relaxing as we restore the strength, shape, and appearance of your teeth. Our dentist brings forth an actuality of patients’ desires for their smile in the most economical and conservative way available.

Excellent. My experience with Dr. Kim and his staff has been great.

Gary Weisgerber

I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed a medical professional, but Dr. Kim deserves 5 stars. He’s efficient, professional, pleasant and I felt no discomfort during or after procedure.

Theresa Sawyer

Dr. Kim and his staff are so nice. Dr. Kim is very meticulous. Super steady hands!

Emil Alvarado

I was referred here by a friend years ago and love this dentist and the staff. I never wait long, they always get me in if I need something urgently and everyone is welcoming and professional. I highly recommend Truxton Family Dentistry.

Lisa Kerr

It’s a challenge to find a dentist that is gentle, kind, and skilled. Dr. Peter Kim injected the pain medication in a manner that a person couldn’t really know that he had done so except that the numbing worked great. Good communication. Quality filling. After numbing was out of my system, I “forgot” that I’d been at the dentist. Didn’t require 3 months’ advance notice to get an appointment. I recommend.

Joel Martin



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