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Worker’s Compensation Evaluations & Treatments

Our services at Truxtun Family Dentistry are diverse with the intention to be able to care for all patients, no matter their dental situation. We understand that accidents happen, and if they happen while at work, there are certain requirements to ensure that you receive the proper care for your claim. Our team can accommodate injury-related claims and provide worker’s compensation evaluations and treatments in Bakersfield, California.

Some injuries may require care from dental providers or other medical specialists who are not part of your insurance provider’s network. 

We are proud to be able to offer the unique service of worker’s compensation evaluations and treatments to those in need. Our office is extremely knowledgeable and familiar with the treatment and billing methods for Worker’s Compensation claims.

Our dentist, Dr. Peter D Kim, has considerable experience with the touchy and sometimes confusing process of Worker’s Compensation claims and treatments. Our team can also provide advice on the many treatment plans available before services or costs are required. This can ensure that the dental care you need is only extended for treatment related to the injury. You can call 661-327-7497 to learn more about the policies and procedures of this significant service. Our team will happily provide appointment coordination to treat you at the most convenient time possible.

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