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Implant Crowns

A dental implant is a tooth-root replacement, to which an implant crown is attached. The crown is the only part visibly seen in the mouth. For this reason, when a patient receives an implant, the next step taken is to find an aesthetic restoration suitable to that patient’s needs. We understand the concerns of gaining a replacement tooth that will function well and look perfectly natural. Dr. Peter D Kim and our team also acknowledge that the restoration options available can be overwhelming. It is our pleasure to help you find a type of implant crown in Bakersfield, California, that gives you a reason to truly smile.

There are two options available when considering the support of your implant’s restoration:

  • “Screwed-In” Implant Crowns: More easily maintained, screw-retained implant crowns are better kept in place and allow implant crowns components to be replaced or removed without damaging the implant or restoration.
  • “Cemented” Implant Crowns: These are more difficult to remove and maintain, depending on the strength and material of the cement; however, they can accommodate more implant positions.

This is a side of implant dentistry that is often handled by your general dentist and not the dental implant surgeon. However, we are capable of providing care for both your implant and implant crown right here in our office. We encourage you to call Truxtun Family Dentistry at 661-327-7497 to learn more about the careful details that go into making the crown of your implant.

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